To create a video about your wedding, it's about more than just your wedding day. It’s the opportunity to capture you, your story and your journey to happily ever after.

At RIVERCOVE FILMS we are passionate about encapsulating the most important day of your life in a personal, non-intrusive, elegant way. With only a baseline fee, it allows us to completely personalise your package to reflect your day, exactly how you want it.

Let's get to know each other, drink coffee, nail the details and then its on us. We tell your story. You enjoy your day.




Let's sell something. With a BA (Hons) degree in Marketing, I have worked in marketing for most of my career gaining experience in branding, messaging, storyboarding, PR and communications in a variety of industries. Get in touch and let's talk about how we can create a video that showcases your business or product to your target audience.

Family memories

I started making videos because of my family. I wanted to capture my kids growing up, my mum and dad celebrating birthdays and also the simple but beautiful moments like walks in the forest together. I have filmed over 300 family videos - and it would be an honour to turn your family moments into permanent, precious memories.


Since starting our YouTube channel I've realised the importance and value of making sure we capture as many special moments as possible!


RIVERCOVE Films was started by myself (Daniel) and my wife Bethany when our lives were turned upside down the day our daughter, River,  entered the world in 2015.

We captured every milestone and sweet moment as our family grew and our son, Cove, joined us in 2017. We shared it all on our YouTube channel "The Youngs". Over 300 videos and 36,000 subscribers later we started RIVERCOVE Films to capture special memories permanently.