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The Shed

Thank you so much for choosing RIVERCOVE Films. We are so excited to capture and share your vision for The Shed.

We have brainstormed and put together this page to show the themes we want to include in the videos and an outline of the storyboard for the main video. We’ve included our ideas for the launch video, confirmation of the shots you have specifically requested and some suggestions of extra shots that could be useful to get whilst we are filming.

Once you’ve taken time to read through the page, please fill in the box at the bottom to confirm that you’re happy with the deliverables, time-frame and costs. We can iron out the themes and storyboard based on any feedback you have for us.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Dan & Beth



  • Understand your goals

  • Define target audience

  • Define key themes & message

  • Storyboard & Idea Generation

  • Filming

  • Edit

  • Deliver




  • You get our personal passion, all in on these projects. This includes our full creative efforts in the pre and post production and video finishing process

  • Our goal is to connect you with your target audience by capturing their attention and telling a visually pleasing and engaging story


Key themes



  • One of our main focuses will be location

    • Scenery

    • Farming

    • The Prop of Ythsie (incl. someone running up towards it?)

    • Distant shots of the Shed (Driving up to it)

    • Different times of day

    • Proximity to Tarves




We want viewers to leave feeling familiar and with confidence of what they can expect from TheShed

  • Shots throughout building (walk in, reception, towards gym)

  • Locker/showers

  • Treatment rooms



  • Focus on the unique and exciting equipment

    • Epic shots of equipment

    • Vastness of room / space

    • Motion on some machine (no people)

    • ‘Anything is possible’ ‘limitless’ feeling/music to fit



  • Staff - maybe some quick shots of staff. We could send an example of what we mean. This would be just to bring some familiarity to clients and make it a little more personable.

  • Branding - maybe staff in jumpers, your truck, brochures, a shot of scrolling through an ipad or something on your website or FB page.

  • Rachel - we would love a close up of you outside the shed for like an epic welcome shot.




Opening shots - Prop of Ysthie in distance with a a runner running away from the monument towards the shed. Focused on the feet of a runner running along the dirt road near The Shed. Focus changes to The Shed as runner continues closer to The Shed. Shots of the beautiful surrounding location.

Opening shots will give context to the viewer by focusing on WHERE.

main content

Closer shots of the outside of the building (might require some sort of animation to get logo onto the building). Shots going through front door of The Shed to show reception area, different rooms/layout and then entering the main gym. This part of the video will focus in on the space and the different equipment available.


Option to have text over the video at this point (address, opening hours, types of classes available). Zooming back out of The Shed to show the setting and location again. Ending scene is a wide shot of the The Shed building during sunset.

prop of ythsie.jpg


7 videos

  • Main video (1-2 mins)

    • 16:9 HD version

    • 1:1 (square) or 4:5 version

  • Social media video (under 1 minute)

    • 16:9 HD version

    • 1:1 (square) or 4:5 version

  • Vertical video

    • 3 x 15 second videos for sharing on vertical social platforms

+ Time-frame

As requested - we will film inside the facility once your equipment is installed (Sep 23-25th? - please clarify). We will turn around the 1 minute social media videos (both versions) for your launch date.

The other videos will take approximately 7 days to be delivered.

+ Cost


Payable within 14 days of delivery.

+ Payment

Payment is due within 14 days of the final video being delivered.

Banking details:
Account number: 19080251
Sort code: 83-15-31

+ Terms & conditions

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  2. The Conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by the Client(s) submitting a booking form to RIVERCOVE Films; and/or by the Client(s) making payment of the deposit payable in respect of the Services.

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